Monday, October 31, 2011

~* Happy Monday *~

Hope you had a great weekend!!!

I hope everyone's weekend was great! :) We carved pumpkins last night with one of our friends. It's really all we're doing for Halloween this year. We don't feel like handing out candy, we gave out a ton last year. So, this is our year to rest! hahha. My husband made the lab pumpkin :)
Our friend made the Nightmare Before Christmas pumpkins and I made  a cat with some stars :) haha

 I forgot to mention two great things going on this week! Our USMC Birthday Ball is this week and Kawi's first birthday. 

I'm borrowing a beautiful dress from one of my friends for the ball. She was very sweet to let me borrow it. I'm very VERY excited for the ball this year. This will be our last USMC ball. So I'm going all out this year. I'm getting my hair done and everything. Woo! Last year I did my own hair haha. It looked great! Don't get me wrong, it will just be great to have someone else to my hair! I will post pix later this week. :)

And Kawi, our puppy, will be turning one. We are going to throw a little puppy party for him. I always thought birthday parties for pets was really lame, but I think it's going to be really fun! I'm even making a dog-friendly, peanut-butter cake for Kawi and all his doggie friends. It's going to be great! :)  


Friday, October 28, 2011

~* In other news *~

What's going on recently:

   I am currently applying to Penn State to try and start next fall. I just need to finish up my application and the "about me" portions and it will be ready to go. I'm pretty excited about that :)

It was our second week of our church's new bible study. It's more of a book study, but it is really great altogether. Two of our neighbors, an adorable couple, husband and wife, are running the study on the book "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan. It is an amazing book about getting to know about God and growing a deeper relationship with Him. The book is so wonderful and very hard to just read ONE chapter and to not continue on reading. I reread chapter one last week just because I wanted to read more! Hahaha. It's that good! It was about not rushing into God's presence, but about stepping back and marveling about the true glory and power of Him. All He is and all He has created. Unfathomable!  I'm starting chapter two in about 20mins.

Here is a video that goes along with the first chapter:


Work has been alright this week nothing special about it. I will I am glad the weekend is here! AND my husband has the weekend off this time! Last week he had to work all weekend due to his unit's training. So yay!


Ever Just Feel Like Dancing?

I know I do!

Zumba! Zumba!! Zumba!!!  I've started dancing to Zumba daily, I just finished my party session in fact. One of the best things about it is, randomly I find my self wanting to dance! It is just so much fun! I've already noticed a difference in my abs and thighs. My posture has improved as well. I think I might start dancing to it in the mornings to really get my morning going! I have so much energy afterwards. 

  On base they offer zumba classes and it's just not for me right now. I've been a few times, but I like the dvds that I can do when I want, and if I like a song and feel like dancing to it again, I can! Two zumba studios have even popped up in our little town. One of the studios have areas set up on the weekends for the public to just come dance for an hour! It's a ton of fun and makes my mood and spirits lift up. If you have never tried zumba, I recommend it!!! Join the party!!! :)

~* Getting to Know Me*~

Getting to know me!

  Hey all! Thank you for checking out my blog! I guess this is time to tell you a bit about myself! 
I grew up all over this beautiful country, mainly being raised in Washington state and Texas. Random? Yes. Haha. I graduated high school and joined the United States Marine Corps. I was in for a few years and then got out. While I was in, I met the love of my life and we were married in August of 2010. We currently live in North Carolina, on the coast, and will be moving to Pennsylvania in a few months. 

  You may be wondering, why the heck this blog is named Cakes and Calculus. Honestly, I couldn't think of anything else, and liked the sound of it! Haha!  I really love baking and I bake cakes and sweets  for people out of my house. It's creative and fun, I really enjoy it. I usually always have some treats coming out of the oven. So much that I give them away to my neighbors because we simply can't/shouldn't eat them all! As for calculus. I'm going to be starting college soon, after we move, and that is what I'm working my tail off to learn. I took some pre-cal in high school, but I don't remember most of it. So! That is one of my current adventures! I plan to go to school for a BS in the Life Sciences, then continue on to a masters, maybe even a PhD if I'm super motivated! But let me start off with my first degree,  haha. For the Bach degree I want the classes start at a calculus level, so I better get my butt in gear! Three months to go!!! Wish me luck!

Various things I like: to bake/cook/eat, singing and singing to The LORD, spending time with my husband, dancing (zumba!!), playing with my pets, hiking, the beach, anything relating to science (astronomy, physics, biology are a few of my faves)

Welcome to my blog! :)