Monday, June 18, 2012

Booking Italy.....

Ah! This is so exciting!

So far I have our flights booked and our hotel for Roma booked!

It's fantastic! We will have a view of St. Peter's Basilica from our window!

 It's in walking distance to the Roman Forum and the Sistine Chapel!

Now we're going to book our train tickets and our hotel for Firenze! I've found this splendid B&B that's in the middle of Florence, within walking distance of great art and history!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Wedding Shower Adventure...Mixed with a few Disasters...!

Today one of our family members had a Jack &  Jill Wedding shower and it was a blast! But getting everything together wasn't so easy....

Last night I started working on their cake. All was going well...the house smelled warm and yummy from freshly made cake and creamy icing. I was very happy because it wasn't too late and normally when working on a cake, I lose a little bit of sleep due to baking late to ensure freshness....well all this came crashing down...LITERALLY, around midnight! I dropped the cake! My stomach sank! I just stared at the floor at this giant mess, and as if on cue, BAM! My lab puppy came running in trying to help me clean. Haha, such a sweet pup..
So I stayed up until 2am finishing up the beginning of this cake...baking and base frosting...

I had been up since 4 the previous morning, so sleep deprivation was setting in and by the time the Poke'mon theme song (of all things???) was playing in my head and I was humming marbles had no doubt been lost... lol

This morning, I noticed I was out of a lot of my tools for some reason? I don't know if I misplaced them, or if the evil moving fairy stole things during our move this past January... (wow..has it really been that long since I've made a cake??? jeez...)

All in all, the cake came together in time...JUST in time...

I was winging it and it turned out alright..everyone loved it and said it was SUPER delicious, but my perfectionism was bugging me because it didn't turn out at all how I planned and my piping skills need some serious work! But it turned out pretty good. The Bride and Groom loved it and almost every bit of this double-layer 24x12'' cake was eaten, and/or taken home!

Whew...I still got it... :-)
Piping needs some serious work, but it was still super yummy!

BUT there was one more thing... up here in the northeast..there is a dish called "Whimpies" which are really similar, if not the same exact thing, as Sloppe-Joes. (I am not ultimately sure because I still have yet to try one.)
But my husband went to pick up a generous few pounds of this meaty-sauce concoction in my car. I'm not sure of all the details, but I do know that at least 2 pound of this stuff went SPLASH all over the floor of my car! I don't know if it was the lack of sleep, or just the overload of stress flying around in my body, (or the whole...marbles being lost but all I could do was LAUGH. I didn't even get mad! ..But once again Puppy to the rescue!  He has had one big buffet of AWESOME today, but his little belly hurt (wouldn't yours?) and was napping by the time we got home.

 The Bride & Groom were so happy! Kathy looked stunning in her teal crochet dress, and a happy, ear-to-ear grinning Dave was standing by her side. To the happy couple, Congrats again!

All in all it was a wonderful time! The girls did an amazing job, the place looked fabulous! The food was delicious and the cookies were scrumptious. Everyone had a good laugh at the games, and it was a blast! The place was beautiful and everyone had a great time.

 Now after having a long nap, me and pup, are both sane again! LOL!

And I will continue practicing...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

So...It's HAPPENING!!!!

As many of you know, I have been dreaming of going to Italy for a very long time. Well, I very excited to declare that I am going to be able to spend my birthday in Italia this year!!!!

With four short months to go, I'm soaking in as much of the Italian language as I can!!

We got a great deal by flying out of a different airport, one that is not so close, but well worth the difference in price. It's $400 cheaper! I am completely okay with spending $30 in gas...

It is going to be a great adventure! Seven whole days in Italy :) I am very, very excited! Plus, we're making a pit-stop in Finland! Haahaha random, but we'll take it!

My sister and I were looking up Finnish's a very interesting language. How to say "no" in Finnish.. (sounds like:) "ey" I started cracking up because if they ever saw "Happy Days" I bet they were very confused... "EYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY"..." I see them looking at each other like..."Why does he keep saying 'no...' every time he walks into a room?"
I found that quite comical.

Now I just need to save for train tickets and some spending money!

I will be posting more about this as things come together!

June Goals!

Here are my June Goals!

- walk at least 45  miles
- yoga at least 3 times a week
- some form of intense workout 2x a week


-save $200 toward vacation

-finish reading the book of Exodus
-Wake up earlier to start the day off with some Bible reading and prayer

- Study Italian at least one hour per day! (so far so good!)
-Go swimming!!
-Shoot more at the range :)

Wrap-up on May Goals

Here's my Goal wrap-up!

- walk at least 30 miles this month. (SUCCESS!!! I walked over 60miles this month!!)
- Zumba! Zumba! Zumba! (no zumba...FAIL)

-save another $200 into the emergency fund (Success!)
-have $300 set aside by the end of this month for when my sis comes to visit because we have some fun road trips planned. (SUCCESS! We only went to NYC and it was AWESOME!!)

-finish reading the book of Exodus (FAIL. I need to start reading my Bible more.)
-Wake up earlier to start the day off with some Bible reading and prayer  (This happened a lot in May, but not everyday like I had hoped. FAIL)

- read 3 more books this month! (FAIL)
-blog at least weekly (I have been slacking) (FAIL)
-go shooting more often with the hubbs  (WIN)
-have a great time at our Vow Renewal at the latter part of the month (YES!!!)
-soak up as much fun as I can with my mom and sister when they come to visit! (Had a great time while they were here)

More Photos:

What a Month! My May Wrap-up

Wow! May was a fantastic Month!! Here's my wrap up in photos:

Me and Kawi for Mom's Day
 Vow Renewal


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