Friday, January 4, 2013

Pregnancy Update!

Hey Bloggers,

   I'm in my 20th week of pregnancy and we are doing great! Praise the Lord!
My husband and I were blessed to find out that in May we will get to meet a beautiful baby girl, OUR baby girl!!! We are so deeply excited!

I want to start blogging about my pregnancy and feel like now would be a great time to start. Maybe some day my posts will help another mother-to-be.

I am starting a new exercise routine and I just finished it for the first time, and I have to say I'm feeling great. Now, this works for me, PLEASE don't ever over do yourself during pregnancy. If you are unsure ALWAYS ask your doctor if what you want to do is safe. It's not worth it to injury or harm yourself, or worse, your baby. Listen to your body and your baby to decide what works for you.

Mornings: Walk with Pup for 5 laps around the loop in our neighborhood; a little over a mile.
                   Prenatal Pilates: 2(10min) routines
                   Prenatal Yoga: Energizing sequence

Evening: Walk with Pup for 5 laps around the loop in our neighborhood
                Prenatal Yoga: Relaxation rountine
                Prenatal Yoga: Guided Meditation

I won't lie, I've not taken the best effort I could have as far as exercise thus far into my pregnancy, but my doctor says I am healthy, so I am going to start exercising now to be strong for birth.

Nutrition: I have been taking a prenatal vitamin throughout my entire pregnancy and it has worked really well for me. I haven't experienced nausea from it, and when my tests came back, my iron levels were great. It also has the 100% of the folic acid requirement for pregnant women. WIN!!!

I am trying to improve on the amount of water I drink. I have rarely been drinking any soda. Every now and then I will have a small glass (resulting in about 1/2 cup-1cup of soda). This is just my personal choice. It is few and far inbetween, and honestly, lately I haven't the taste for it. I prefer water, apple juice, or my all time favorite right now, MILK!!! I have never had a greater love for milk than now! Haha, our little one is getting her Calcium! (NOTE: Always be mindful of how much milk you are drinking, mainly due to the SUGAR content in milk. Have you ever noticed HOW MUCH SUGAR is in Milk?? Crazy.)

I am incorporating more and more veggies and fruits each week. This week has been difficult because I am craving sweets. I am trying not to give in too much, but somedays, like today, I just give in. Eh, some how chocolate cake just tastes better when pregnant. LOL
The only thing my doctor says I have to keep trying to get more of is protein. I do eat protein, steak here, chicken there, but I am not getting all that they wish me to get EVERYDAY. So, I'm adding eggs to my breakfast and chicken/turkey to my salads and making sure meat is the main ingredient in our dinners.

FYI: Cravings? Haha, yes. I've had some.
The first trimester I could ONLY stomach HOT/Spicy food. Thai and Mexican were constant. I remember going to a local Mexican restaurant 10mins before they closed and begged them for a burrito (this place is great you get to build your own with meat and veggies and HOT SAUCE lol) and for a quesadilla..that I ate for breakfast the next morning, with an EXTRA helping of hot salsa to dip it part, NO heartburn! WOO!
Second Trimester:
Now things get weird. I don't have regular cravings. It's things here and there. There were two weeks that I wanted NOTHING but Raisin Bran Crunch for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dessert. I can't tell you how many boxes I went through.
I also like mushrooms and sausage, not together, just in general. TWO Things I couldn't stand pre-pregnancy.

I can't fit in my jeans anymore, but after discovering maternity jeans, I may never go back to regular jeans... just saying... lol

I've gained 15 lbs and slowly increasing every week now. I am so happy and thankful that God is giving us a healthy baby girl!

I'm going to start posting more. I really miss blogging!

Baby girl is kicking my tummy right now! Time to go snack!!!

Ciao! Hope all of you are well!!!

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