Friday, March 30, 2012

Birds in the Guest Bedroom?

Hey all :)

While I was at Michaels, the craft store in this area, there were very cute birds on sale and they inspired me for the theme of our guest bedroom! Check it out!

I'm starting to clear out our spare bedroom to turn it into a guest bedroom just in time for my family to visit!

Here are my ideas!

Instead of spending a bunch of money on paint, I'm going to keep it clean and crisp by adding three green horizontal stripes a little higher than half way up the wall. 
I'm thinking a gradual fade would be nice, like the above

Then we have a white chest that one of our family members never uses, so we want to sand that down and repaint it white.

I also found little bird cages at Michaels. They hold tea lights! My idea is to hang them from the ceiling, in a corner, at varying height with fishing twine to add some soft lighting. 

Lastly, I found this bigger bird cage to set on the dresser, possibly with a candle inside. The little white birdie on the side, and finish the dresser top with a simple bouquet of white roses and some greenery. 
Beautiful :)

We're looking a small white side table to tie everything together. 

And maybe even a rocking chair! That would be cute, but those darn things can be pricey. 

Thoughts? Ideas? How are your at home projects going?


  1. Holly, hi! Thanks for commenting. I laughed when I read both of your comments, dont even feel like a jerk at all! I am so glad I got to find your blog, it is so cute!

    Good for y'all working the Dave Ramsey plan. It was so helpful to us and gave us direction and focus! Keep being gazell intense!

  2. Those are too adorable! I want birds in my house too.