Thursday, March 22, 2012

A list of things...

Michelle P posted a great blog about her list of things she wants to do if she had more time...check it out here

It got me to thinking. Here is my list of things I want to do if I had a bit of more free time:

1) Learn Italian....FINALLY.  I have been slacking on this for two and a half years...yikes...that's just terrible to even say I've been "studying" it that long and I'm still a beginner! Pizza! Piano! haha
2) Start running. I think about it. It doesn't happen. We go on walks with the pup sometimes, and they're long walks when we go, but some days I think, 'This would be a great day to run!', but I usually just grab the book I'm reading or put on an episode of Futurama. The couch just calls to me..
3) Practice yoga REGULARLY. I do it here and there, but I love how it makes me feel and how relaxed I get. Plus, I can see the progress I've made because, from time to time, I'm a small bit closer to the goal of touching my toes! ..I have a LONG way to go...hahaa
4) Learn the piano/keyboard. Yeah...I practice sometimes.
5) Read all the books I have piled up in our backroom. I have a ton. Where did they all COME FROM?!!?!
6) Take an awesome trip at least every year!! There are so many exotic places I want to travel to!


  1. I'm really hoping to do yoga this weekend for my first time! I'm excited. Good luck with your list!

  2. I need to start reading too! I wanted to read the hunger games before i watched the movie but i don't think that's gonna happen!

  3. im with ya on the yoga and learn the piano i promise you wont regret it!