Friday, April 13, 2012

Decisions, Decisions,The Twists and Turns of Life, Advice?

Hey all!

 I have recovered from that cold I had last week. I can smell again! Sorta... my allergies are awful up here. But I am thankful to me up and moving again and not exhausted every moment.

Big news this week: I joined a GYM! I haven't truly worked out in about two years. Sad, I know. I kept saying I was going to walk my dog a lot more, but the roads near our house run near a busy road, and I just don't want to risk my safety or the dog's. I also said I would be trying to use my DVDs that I have for fitness. I do them from time to time, but now I've made a commitment to kick my butt back into shape at the gym. It's great because it's close to my work, so as soon as I leave work, I stroll in, gym bag and yoga mat in hand. (Six days a week they have yoga classes in the!!!) They have every bit of equipment you could think of or need, so I'm super motivated and have already enjoyed two great days there. Today is my rest day and tomorrow morning I'm heading in!

Now, here's what's been weighing on my mind recently. I'm at a fork in the road of life and I have chosen my path and I'm trusting it's the right one for right now. I have had three options put in front of me:

1) I have been accepted for the Radiological Technicians training at one of the local colleges, it's a difficult program to get into and I'm very excited about getting accepted there. The course,  however, is 21 months straight and I would possibly have to complete my clinicals about 90miles you say that's a bit of a drive??? There's no guarantee it's that far away, but there's none saying it would be close. Also, if we happen to become pregnant during this time, I would have to drop from the program because I could potentially cause harm to our little baby, which I would never, EVER knowingly do! So I would have to drop from the program and since it's a straight through program, I would have to re-start the program the following fall and do another straight 21months. Now, we don't plan to become pregnant within that time, but I know that if something happens, such as a pregnancy or any other matter, that would cause me to drop from the course, I would not re-do the program also because I would have to pay my GI bill back. No thank you.

2) I had considered going to the Bible College here to go for secondary (middle school-high school level) teaching for science, thus to become a science teacher. I currently work at the school district and have been sub-ing for different levels of education and becoming a teacher is something that I think I would like...around now, this age. I can relate to them and I'm young and they think I'm funny and cool, but thinking further down the road, I don't think it would be so easy. Plus, having kids flip out, which I've experienced already, is NOT easy to deal with, especially at the middle-school level. I keep calm and collected and maintain a calm, yet assertive posture and tone and it's worked fantastic for me, but I don't know how well I would do after years and years of that. I think I'd be fine, I just think I'd get annoyed and tired of the whole thing, but the bigger part about all of it is, I enjoy seeing these kids succeed and learn, grow, and understand. You can seriously, almost see the light bulbs go off in their heads when they understand or have an idea! It's amazing! Currently, I'm down at the preschool level and I'm enjoying it there too, but I don't know if I would want to teach elementary. They're adorable, but I don't think that's the level I would want to teach at. But, the program is 4-years, which isn't bad at all, plus getting a teaching certificate, and I have plenty of people who said whenever the time comes they would help me fill my packet for all my recommendations.

The whole thing of it is, there are financial goals I would like to complete and trips I would like to take before my husband and I have children. Like I said, we're not looking at having any children right away, and if that does happen we would be excited and blessed. Remember, it's God's timing, not ours! But we want to start having children, say in the next 4 to five years, so finishing up a degree and then starting to work only to start trying to get pregnant we agreed we would like me to stay home for awhile with the kids,

3) I have been offered to work at a different job that pays more than double what I make now, plus has benefits, paid vacay days, sick days, paid maternity leave (when the time comes), plus an annual raise. Now, I know things aren't always as fantastic as they sound, but it's not the BEST job in the world, a lot of paper work, but it would be really nice to pay off our debt, have a vacation here and there, be able to afford to visit my father on the opposite coast, and save for a house and children. Not to  mention, we need to start thinking about our retirement plans.  The only thing is, I have to commit to this job for at least two years. At first I didn't even consider this, but more and more thought has been put into it and this is the decision I have made, to take this job. The reason is, I can work here, it certainly has it's perks, and if it turns out I absolutely hate it, I will still have my GI bill waiting for me if I don't like it later on. But, I think I will like it, maybe not love it at first, but if I decide to pursue becoming a teacher, the employer will pay for me to take online or night-classes! So, I think I will take advantage of that when I start, that way I could at least have some general classes underneath my belt.

I feel better writing all this out. What are your views on all of this? I have made my decision, but I  will not be able to declare my decision until late May. Maybe there is an angle I am missing. What are your thoughts on all of this?

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  1. That newer job sounds great! Well, the pay and everything. Since we are always thinking of staying out of debt I would take it in a heartbeat. And you say they will pay for night classes? That is pretty amazing! You and God know what the right decision is though! I think if the job came to you then it is a good thing to start doing! I have learned recently that if you are trying too hard for something then you need to back off and let God take over. But it seems like He is throwing things at you! Which is awesome! I am happy things are going so well! And as for the radiology program, would you be able to do that AND the new job? If not then which do you want more, a program toward a career you want to do or an in the present well paying job? That is how I would look at it! But of course it is completely up to you! (: