Thursday, May 10, 2012

This week has been a blast! (Weekly-Update)

Hey all! Things are going well here in Northeastern PA.

The weather is being a bit odd, hot, cold, rain, sunshine, thunderstorm, snow? Mother earth is having some mood swings.

Tuesday was Teacher's appreciation day and our sweet preschoolers have been bringing us flowers all week! How sweet is that? I love my job :)

They truly are the sweetest things :)

Here's my update for the week:

1) The most I've spent this last week was on:  clothes! I hardly ever go clothes shopping, so I don't feel bad about this. I went with one of my cousins to help her shop for her trip to Mexico at the end of this month, and decided to pick up a few things for myself too. American Eagle has a lot of adorable clothes and if you download their app (free) you get 20% off your entire purchase! Every time if you spend $75 or more. But wait! They let you use other discounts too! Military discount: 10% or any other discounts they have going on. AWESOME!


Victoria's Secret is also having a great sale and I had to stock up. Their bath and body products and 5/$30! Now, if they're $10 a piece...yes! I'm going to just buy 5 for $30! Their mango scent is incredible!

2) Today I am thankful for:    Our Savior, my husband, my job, family, warm coats, giggles and laughs, creativity, my co-workers, and the ribs our family gave us to cook up for dinner tonight! Yee-haw!

3) Money can't buy happiness. One thing that was free that made me happy was: watch the sunset over the mountains :) B-E-A-utiful! God is so good!

4) I will consider this week a success if I: finishing painting my dining room (I'm still slacking on finish all the favors, sign up a different gym to save some $$$, and I'm getting tired of the highlights I got a while back, I'm ready to have darker hair again!  :) Plus...I'm going to try a spray tan! Wish me luck!!!

5)One very funny thing I saw this week was: Have you ever tried painting little kids feet? TOO FUNNY! Molly saw this great idea for mothers day on Pinterest to make hearts out of two footprints with this poem:

How adorable is this?!

Painting their feet was too funny! They had a blast! It was a great time and we know their Moms will love these!

How about you? What's your up-date this week? What's new?

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