Saturday, May 19, 2012

Weekly Up-Date 5/13-5/19 and In other news!

This is at the park where we will have our pictures taken! Cool!
Hey all!
Here's a quick recap of my week!

The most I've spent this past week was on: PRODUCE! I am loving all this delicious fruit in season! I'm trying to eat mainly fruits and veggies and so far I've done really well!

Today I'm thankful for: Our Savior, my husband and our family, and great friends!

Money can't buy happiness. One free thing I did this week that made me happy was: walk my pup around our little neighborhood and see all the beautiful flowers and trees in bloom

I will consider this week a success if I: continue to learn the song I'm learning on the piano and get everything ready for this vow renewal!

In other news:
I'm learning this beautiful song and it has always been my favorite song since I was about 11.  Check out this girl playing it here : To Zanarkand 

So far I've walked 20 miles with my pup this month. I think we can manage another 10miles to reach our goal! 

My spray tan went well except for I had one hand EXTREMELY darker than the rest of my body! hahaha thank goodness that was just a test run! I know next time to use more baby wipes on my hands afterwards.  

My brother deployed again not too long ago, so please keep him in your prayers.

 Hope everyone had a great week! I will post more once it's June. I've been just too busy this month!

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