Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wrap-up on May Goals

Here's my Goal wrap-up!

- walk at least 30 miles this month. (SUCCESS!!! I walked over 60miles this month!!)
- Zumba! Zumba! Zumba! (no zumba...FAIL)

-save another $200 into the emergency fund (Success!)
-have $300 set aside by the end of this month for when my sis comes to visit because we have some fun road trips planned. (SUCCESS! We only went to NYC and it was AWESOME!!)

-finish reading the book of Exodus (FAIL. I need to start reading my Bible more.)
-Wake up earlier to start the day off with some Bible reading and prayer  (This happened a lot in May, but not everyday like I had hoped. FAIL)

- read 3 more books this month! (FAIL)
-blog at least weekly (I have been slacking) (FAIL)
-go shooting more often with the hubbs  (WIN)
-have a great time at our Vow Renewal at the latter part of the month (YES!!!)
-soak up as much fun as I can with my mom and sister when they come to visit! (Had a great time while they were here)

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