Wednesday, June 6, 2012

So...It's HAPPENING!!!!

As many of you know, I have been dreaming of going to Italy for a very long time. Well, I very excited to declare that I am going to be able to spend my birthday in Italia this year!!!!

With four short months to go, I'm soaking in as much of the Italian language as I can!!

We got a great deal by flying out of a different airport, one that is not so close, but well worth the difference in price. It's $400 cheaper! I am completely okay with spending $30 in gas...

It is going to be a great adventure! Seven whole days in Italy :) I am very, very excited! Plus, we're making a pit-stop in Finland! Haahaha random, but we'll take it!

My sister and I were looking up Finnish's a very interesting language. How to say "no" in Finnish.. (sounds like:) "ey" I started cracking up because if they ever saw "Happy Days" I bet they were very confused... "EYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY"..." I see them looking at each other like..."Why does he keep saying 'no...' every time he walks into a room?"
I found that quite comical.

Now I just need to save for train tickets and some spending money!

I will be posting more about this as things come together!

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