Thursday, November 3, 2011

Can't sleep

I can't seem to be able to sleep.

 But since I can't sleep I wanted to share my tip. I learned it not too long ago from one of my friends, Chelsea. 
I know everyone is supposed to set up a routine and our bodies will get used to this routine and once we get into it then our bodies know it's time for bed. ( still working on this lol)  BUT she introduced me to Valerian root supplements.

NOW I will say they do work and are completely 100% natural. I just took one and it should kick in, in about 15mins or so. They don't leave me groggy feeling in the morning. It gives a deeper sleep. I don't take them often, only when I can't sleep and I only have a few hours of sleep possible to get. 
BUT here's the WARNING!
The pills are one of the WORST SMELLING THINGS I HAVE SMELLED!!! 
Like sweaty gym socks that have been soaking in the sun. BLEHHHHHH! 
I opened the bottle when I first got them and was taken back. I was like WHAT ON EARTH?!?!! BLEHHH!!! But again, they are effective. 

Fun facts! 
In medieval Sweden they would put this plant in the grooms clothes to ward off the "envy of elves".
 It was also used as a perfume in the sixteenth century. NO Thank you. 

(Well, these were said to be from the flowers of the plant, SO maybe the flowering part smells better than the root. At least I really hope so!)

Well I'm going to go try and sleep again. Hope you enjoyed this educational post! LOL
Good night all! Sleep well!!!

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