Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November Goal List!

 A few of the other blogs I follow have monthly goal lists. I think this is a great idea! So, here is my November goal list!

Study Italian at least 3 days a week.  
 -----I have really been slacking on my Italian studies.

Walk Kawi a lot more.
-----I have been slacking on this too. We used to go on walks all the time. Last spring we racked up 93 miles in one month! I had a lot more energy and felt better too. Walks need to continue!

Study one chapter of pre-cal a week 
-----I really need to get on the ball about this as well. I ordered a book offline and I've only barely scraped the first chapter. It's not difficult, I just think of a million things I would rather do.

Finish the two books i got from the library 
-----When I get books from the library, I usually don't ever finish them.

Spend under $100 for thanksgiving! (GOING TO BE TRICKY!)   
-----This one is going to be pretty difficult. My husband's father, step-mom, and step-brother are coming down. Plus we are also having our neighbors join us and possibly one of our other friends. SO this will be a big task!!!

Eat more fruits and veggies and WAY less unhealthy snacks (Darn you hostess cupcakes!!!)
--that pretty much sums that up lol

Most of all I want more prayer/bible reading time for me every day
-----I really want to spend more time with God. the best time so far has been in the evenings before bed. I will finish cleaning the kitchen and all the chores will be done for the evening and my husband is getting ready for bed or on the computer. It's a great time to just sit on the couch and read. Now that I've cut FB and a majority of TV for a month, this should give me a lot more time! lol

What are your goals for this month??

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  1. YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Good luck! I think they sound pretty easy to accomplish (easier said then done.. hahha). Anyway I need to read the bible more too! Bible study tonight though! Yay!