Saturday, November 12, 2011

~* Sweets and Treats*~

Sweet Tooth Anyone? 

I've said before how much I enjoy baking. Well, I'm at it again! This weekend two different friends of mine are having baby showers and I have the honor to make their cakes! Woo!!! I'm working on one right now for later today and I will start the second one tomorrow after church :) Ah! I'm so excited! There is just something about baking that I just love. It's art that you can eat! How great is that? Hahhaa.

Here are some cakes I've made before :)

Baby Gabriel's baby shower cake (1st cake I ever made like this) (I made all the little animals, trees, rocks, and vines with sugar fondant)

(Justice and Abby's first bday cake)
A yummy strawberry cake I made this past summer
Linda's Bday cake

Shannon's Bday cake

I hope you have enjoyed looking at these cakes, and I hope your mouth is watering! Hahha! I will post pictures of the two baby shower cakes in a few days :)
Happy Weekend Y'all!   

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  1. Oh my gosh, you are amazing at baking! I wish I could bake and be artistic like this.