Thursday, November 10, 2011

Start my new job tomorrow!

Here we go! 
Tomorrow will be my first day at my new job! I will be switching to the finance department in our store. I'm excited, but nervous. Everyone who has worked there says it's lame because it can get really boring. 11-hrs with only an hour of work. BUT I'm hoping to take advantage of this! There are training classes online to keep me busy for a bit, but I figured after that all the down time I can use it to study Italian and even work on my entrance essay that I have been slacking I also plan to bring some of the books I've been reading too. Radical  is a great book if any one wants to check it out, I recommend it. Along with Crazy Love. Both are great books! 

I just got back from bible study not too long ago and it was very refreshing. It's wonderful to feel the feeling of a new, fresh, alive, spirit I get from this time. It's a close intimate church group, like 10 of us and we don't dress up nice and it's not about saying all the right things or praying "the right prayers" just honest open God loving people searching to know our Creator in an intimate relationship. I really like that the past two weeks, we all spend 10 mins or so, (before the study) to spread out by ourselves, with some worship music on in the back ground playing softly, and we get to spend that time praying, singing, or whatever we do to get our hearts and mind ready to receive God, to lift Him high, and just clear our minds to hear Him. After that time today, I can honestly say I have felt something that I have wanted to feel for so long. I'm Not afraid. I'm not saying I'm a scaredy cat, that is Not the case at all. But I have anxiety and I worry about a lot (school, what I'm going to go to school for, moving, finances...the list continues) and stress, but tonight I honestly lifted it to Him and He took it all from me. He Loves us THAT much He doesn't want us to fear or worry because He has taken care of EVERYTHING, we just have to trust in Him. That is what I've been, still am, praying about. Is that I will willfully surrender to Him and let go of myself to follow Him and His will, to trust Him in all areas, to know that He has everything under His control, and I need not to be afraid. He loves us and He hears us. He is a loving Creator and wants to know us intimately. It is not required of us to pray daily or read our bible all the time to get into Heaven, we won't go to Hell if we don't do these things. No, but we are missing out on the most amazing experience we can have! God wants to give us Him, to walk, talk, laugh, cry, and be with us ALWAYS. How AMAZING is that!?!! The Creator of the universe loves YOU and ME so much that He wants to have a personal relationship with us. He already knows us. He knows us and has known us even well before we were a baby in the womb. But He is inviting us to know Him. Wow! How awesome!  Jesus, The Son of God The Father, came to earth to live a perfect life to be a sacrifice of all our sin and shame, and died for us so that we would be saved though Him and His endless mercy and love, Oh how He loves us! What a wonderful and mighty God we serve, BY choice! Not by demand. No matter where you are or have been, who you are or what you've done. The Creator and Master of the universe loves you and me and wants us to have a relationship with Him. He is always there and will never leave or desert us. His love is endless and the size of His love is just unfathomable!  His love covers all. All of us. All our hurt and all our tears and pain. All of our lives. I'm not trying to push and shove Jesus to you.  I am just telling you what I have seen, and what I am experiencing and encouraging you to get to know Him and see how much He loves you.

I hope everyone is having a good week :) 

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