Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Goal List!

It's that time of year! Happy Holidays!

December Goals:

Walk Kawi Daily: I really want to get back to walking the pup every day! He needs it, I need it. 

Study Italian on Rosetta Stone at least 3x's per week: I got it up and running on my new laptop so I'm hoping it will motivate me more! 

Finish all the things needed for my college admissions: The dead-line isn't until Feb, but I would like to get it knocked out early. 

 Start working out 3 times a week: This does not count walking. I mean like doing zumba or going to the gym. 
Really cut back on our grocery spending. : I'm trying to use what we have in our pantry since we will be moving and certainly don't want to lug all that with us. I'm going to be making slow-cooker meals and freezing them to stretch our money out. Mmmm! 

What are your goals for December?



  1. My goals are very similar to yours! Thanks for the recipes.

  2. I agree with the working out one! I need to do that. My other goal is to stop procrastinating.

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  3. Me too! Need to work out. Can we help motivate each other?! Also gotta finish my law school apps!

  4. I added you to my blogroll=) Thanks for stopping by! Btw I looooove zumba, I just gotta get myself to stop being so lazy to get ready and go to the gym lol.