Friday, December 16, 2011

Hey all!

Hey guys! How is everything?

 I apologize for not posting in awhile. I'm really busy! I've been getting a lot of stuff done that needs to be done before we move though. It's approaching quickly! Today we put in our 30-day notice to the company we have our house through! 

Things have been going well. Work is picking up a lot around the holidays. Everyone is wanting to buy furniture to decorate their homes for Christmas or just buying furniture as gifts. We had one customer whose mother came in paid off her daughter's $2000 layaway, and paid for the delivery fee to have it all  delivered and set up, all while her daughter was at work! So he daughter came home to a new living and dining room! How sweet! 

Our floors? Hahahaha
We all got Christmas bonuses at work! AWESOME!!! :) That was a real treat to find out today! :)

Bible/book study was great this week. It was the best chapter in the book so far I think. 

We got our floors fixed from the hurricane, sort of. Haha! They were supposed to fix the whole downstairs. This was how they left it. lol....ooookay?? It was light colored wood and there wasn't a highly noticeable metal kick-plate? The darker wood looks very nice, but that part of the house wasn't the part that had the most water damage from the hurricane!  Haha oh well! We're moving soon. Whatever :)

A while ago, I fell off my dirt bike and landed fairly hard upon my knee. I never really thought anything of it, a small bump appeared, but I just shrugged it off... until recently when I fell again on the same knee and noticed a larger lump appeared. I randomly, or so I thought, had not been able to do yoga or kneel on this knee to clean, often due to the pain from putting pressure on it. Well, after this recent fall, I am unable to put any pressure on it or an intense pain develops.
I went to the doctor today, and after some X-rays, turns out I have a fracture in my knee. Who knew? I guess I have great pain tolerance!  Next I went to an orthopedist today and he gave me some anti-inflammatory medicine to reduce the swelling, before he decides their next plan of action. So, I thought that was pretty interesting! Hahhaa

All in all, me, my babe, and our little furr babies are doing really well. :)

How are you guys?

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  1. UGH so jealous of your new floor! Screw this light wood crap.. Hahhaa