Saturday, December 10, 2011

Following the dream

  Breathe in the crisp, cold air. Feel the slight burn of it as it fills your lungs. The air is thin. Your muscles are aching, but you are on a high. So close, so very close. Fresh ice and snow crunch as you dig into the glacial ice for the final, few feet. Moments later, you reach the summit, your breath is taken from within you. Your eyes are filled with the most indescribable beauty they have ever seen. The sunrise vibrantly paints the sky and spills across the foothills beneath you. 14,111 feet above sea level and a beautiful panoramic masterpiece surrounds you, envelopes you. You've done it. You've reached the Columbia Crest.

  Ever since I was nine years old, I would look out of our window and see Mt. Rainier standing there, covered in snow, in all it's majesty. I have always wanted to climb it. The thrill and the adventure is something I have wanted to experience and now, I'm determined to start my first steps toward this goal. Training!

  My brother and I want to climb Mt. Rainier this coming summer and I am no where near in the physical condition I used to be in. But, lately I have been really wanting to get back into shape. What better way than training to accomplish one of my dreams! I have search all over the interwebs and found two really great mountaineering training programs. 
    The first one is a six-week program that starts from a very basic beginner, which I certainly am, to an intermediate level. Where I am located, there isn't really any elevation, so I will be training with distance and endurance. But, after we move, there are plenty of trails that climb high upon hills and mountains. Plus, it will be in the middle of the cold, Pennsylvania winter, so weather training will be in effect as well.

The second program is a 12-week intermediate level training course.

I am really excited to get started, but we will see how it goes tomorrow morning when I will need to wake up at 530am. The first week doesn't look too intimidating, but I've been out of the Marine Corps for a year and haven't really worked out at all since, so...we shall see!

What are some of your dreams?


  1. Sounds amazing! I would love to work towards a fitness goal such as running a marathon. One day:)

    Yay for cutting your hair and baking. I really should start buying my baking stuff for Christmas. Or at least figure out what I'm baking :P

    I can't believe you were in the Marine Corps!!! I am sure you can do these 6 and 12 week programs for sure!!!

  2. I agree, this sounds amazing! I used to be in good shape, but now everyone always jokes that I'm fat-skinny (I'm an extremely out-of-shape skinny person who can't even walk up a flight of stares without needing an inhaler). Not even joking. It's sad.

  3. That is amazing Holly! I wish i had the guts to do something like that! but being terrified of heights dosnt help my cause lol. I cant wait to see those pics of you at the summit next year!