Thursday, December 1, 2011

Found some Great Deals today!

My bargain hunting paid off!

        I got a lot done today! I stopped by on of the consignment shops in our town and thought I would look for some good winter items to prepare for that Pennsylvania winter weather! My bargain hunting paid off! I found snow gloves in great condition for $6 and these two cute scarfs! The red one was $1.50 and the blue one was $2! They are really thick material so they should help keep me warm!
     When I went grocery shopping today, Food Lion was having an amazing sale on meat! I got enough meat to last us for three to four weeks for....(drum roll)... $22!!! This includes lots of stew meats, a great big chuck roast for pot roast, and enough pork-chops for 6 meals! I'm thankful I went grocery shopping today! And if you are wondering, no it wasn't because they were going to expire soon, I checked the dates. :) Yay! Every few weeks they have a meat special going on and luckily this time, it was the ones I needed! 
   (I also have meat left over from last month so we should be good on meat until we move!)
Savings= $100+

What bargains have you gotten recently? And, do you have any ideas/recipes to help stretch out your food dollar?


  1. Great deals! And yes I bought a Northface brand new with the tags the other day for only $20 at a consignment shop.

  2. That is great deal!! Northface is great brand!

  3. We use to have Food Lions here in Central Florida. I sure miss that store.